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The most popular posts

These are the most popular posts I have written since the beginning of the blog. And I’m still suprised about the popularity as the top posts have been read by thousands and thousands of people. I started the blog with the idea that it will be a success and worth while if I can even inspire 1 person and now I have been able to inspire thousands of people, it’s hard to really comprehend that so many people have read my writings.

1. Coming in at number 1 is the post where I wrote about my Qatar Airways experience.

2. Very close as second place we have the story about the adventure how I got from Bali to the Mentawai Islands.

3. At third place we get the a quite controverial story if a beginner can start surfing with a shortboard. As most surfers say that you have to start with a beginner board, but I was up for a challenge and YES you can start surfing as a beginner with a shortboard.

4. At fourth place, well so far at fourth place we have the post where I tell you about my hoodie project, The most expensive hoodies in the world. I looks that it’s gaining ground compared to the top 3 and I would not be suprised if it catches the lead when we go down the road.

Enjoy Screw Them All and I hope you get inspired by my stories!

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