Preparation starts

by Screw Them All
For the first time in 5 and a half years I am able to just stop everything and take a moment. And today the preperation starts, I just finnished another part of my life and today 1.12.2017 is the start of a new chapter, the road to the moment when everything just stops for a blink of an eye. Even if the moment itself in reality is no longer then a blink of an eye, it will feel like eternity.
We all have dreams big and small. I have had a dream of surfing waves ever since I was little. I snowboard, skateboard, kiteboard, wakeboard and windsurf, but I have still not made it to a beach with waves and surfed.
My road to the moment of eternity is making my dream come true at the same time as I will sieze the moment and just look back and let go of the past after fighting my way through hell.
Waking up today into a new day, it really is a new day filled with hope, as I always say, every single day the sun rises into a new day filled with hope.
I have about 1 and a half months to get everything done.
Checklist so far:
  1. Get a good place for my dog to stay while I’m a way – check
  2. Get a good location and place to stay for my adventure – work in progress
  3. Get airplane tickets – as soon as nr 1 and 2 are checked
  4. Get physically ready for some waves, meaning a lot of training both strength and agility and balance and eating healthy, but even if eating healthy is important, I will still eat pizza once a while, life without pizza would suck – work in progress
  5. Get all the gear ready, need a new GoPro Camera and need to get a new lens for my camera to get some surf shots – work in progress
  6. This is a maybe… well… I guess it will probably turn into a MUST and not maybe… which is getting my own surfboard! – as I guessed…. the maybe turned into a MUST and is work in progress
Surfing Trip to Bali - Pinguino Surfboards - Screw Them All

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