My first day in Bali, Indonesia

by Screw Them All

I have now been in Bali for 24 hours and just love it. Before I get to my day, 1 thing made me very happy. Bali Bowls & SmoothiesThe Avocado Factory and LaFabbrica use environment friendly straws to keep plastic out of our beautiful nature that we need to take care of.

Environment friendly non plastic straw at LaFabbrica in Canggu, Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

I had planned to just relax and do nothing for a couple of days, but I was already out and searching for a breakfast smoothie place at 7 in the morning. So my day started with driving to the beach about 5 minutes away from where I stay, just to dip my feet in the ocean before breakfast. While driving down to the beach I spotted a really nice looking smoothie place, Bali Bowls & Smoothies, I decided to stop there on my way back.

At the beach for the first time.

Canggu Beach - Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

After dipping my feet in the ocean I headed to the smoothie place. Even if I had a good night sleep, I was still tired and my head still empty and trying to get used to the fact that I’m in Bali away from the cold winter in Finland. So I didn’t have any expectations, just decided to test out the place with an open mind. Oh boy, was that a good decision! I ordered the Pink Smoothie. Waited a couple of minutes and then they brought it to me, took a sip and wow, just amazing, so refreshing and healty. It’s funny how sometimes you just get a vibe of a place by just passing by and just have to go try it out. So happy that I found Bali Bowls & Smoothiesand it will be one of the places where I will go many times while staying in Bali.

Bali Bowls and Smoothies - Canggu - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
Bali Bowls and Smoothies - Canggu - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

After the smoothie I headed back to the place where I’m staying to rest for a while. And the place, well my expectations where high and was kinda nervous about if it would be as good as it seemed to be from the pics. Well, just one word,YES, and even better then what I thought it would be. My room itself and the bathroom are just wonderfull and I’m so happy to be able to call it my home for a month. And the yard with the pool, well, is there anything you can say when you step out of your room and take 2 steps and your at the pool?

Well then off to exlpore, so quickly looked at a map and just headed out with the only plan to just drive around and familiarize myself with Canggu and the surrounding areas. Took off and drove all the way to a beach called Double Six Beach in Seminyak. Just had some coconut water to drink, not yet a fresh coconut, but just a quick coconut water from a small mimimart. While drinking I started to get hungry and started to wonder where I would have some lunch. I remebered there was a pizza place called Pizza House around where I live, so I decided to head back from Semniyak. Yes a pizza place, I will get local food, but for the first day I was just going to get a pizza and I will start to exlpore the local food places soon!

Coconut Water - Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

A mural I found in Canggu, I just had to stop and take a picture of it, love it and I also found a skate park KNKRT, I will dedicate one blog post to it later!

Mural Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
KNKRT Skatepark - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
KNKRT Skatepark - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

Well, y’all know how it goes, when you decide on something, the plan might change… WILL change when you are out exlporing.

While I had my morning smoothie, a guy and 2 girls suprisingly from Finland, sat at the next table from me. Talked with them and they recommended another pizza place called LaFabricca. So when driving back I saw the place they recommended and stopped to test it out and decided to leave Pizza House for another time. Walked in and got a chair and the menu. Looked at the menu, but no pizzas only smoothies and bowls! I asked the waitress, do you have pizza? She said, sorry, no pizza. At the same time I realized that the pizza place was next door, basically to places under the same roof. Oh well, I’ll get a something here as I was allready sitting at a table. Asked for coke, but no coke, which is a good thing if you think at the point that we are in a healty food place. So they recommended a fresh coconut while deciding what to order. I got the coconut, sooooo good and refreshing and ordered a smoothie too. The smoothie, again, so tasty. Now I had only been here for half a day and had found 2 great smoothie places. This one is called The Avocado Factory.

The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

After a my refreshing coconut and smoothie I headed down to Echo Beach which was close by. Parked my motorbike as they call ‘em here (scooters), and walked down to the beach. Looked around and just as I was about to head back to my motorbike I saw something, stairs up from the beach which ended in a beach club looking place. And here’s when my plan changed again, I decided to skip the pizza and go there later and just get lunch here. The place is called LaBrisa Bali. Nice atmosphere and the grilled chicken I had tasted good.

LaBrisa Beach Club - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
LaBrisa Beach Club - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

Ok, time to get some surfing, or getting familiar with my board, so got back to my place, threw the board in the pool to do some paddling and just feel the board in the water. Well, what can I say, an amazing board, but it WILL be challenging to get going as a beginner with a short board, but still so happy of my board that Pinguino Surfboards custom made for me, thank you guys!

After messing around in the pool and doing some flips into the pool, I needed some rest.

Well, think my day ended here? Think again, it was only about 2 pm so I would still need some dinner.

After resting for a while I decided to go get the pizza, the place under the same roof with the smoothie place. Drove there and ordered a pizza. This is were it’s gets funny. Just as I received my pizza, some lady in another table complained to the waitress, I could not hear what she was saying, but I could tell she was not happy. After that she came over to me, and said mumbled something, I said “excuse me?” Her accen’t sounded like she was Australian, she started to complaing to me that it’s a rip off. I was like, these prices seem to be very reasanoble to me. Then she started to complain about the pizza itself, which I replied to that to me this pizza is really tasty. Shen then asked me where I come from, I said that I’m from Finland. She then said, for you this is probalby good as any pizza would be to you as you probably have no pizza in Finland and then she left.
Now look here lady, if you are reading this, we do have pizzas in Finland and lady and this pizza from LaFabbrica is really tasty just as a pizza is supposed to be. Thank you LaFabbricafor a good pizza, not everyone seems to know what a pizza is supposed to be! I will be back for more pizza!

Pizza LaFabbrica - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

I also got to experience a small traffic jam on my way back, a small road where cars are not supposed to drive as it’s so narrow, well ofcourse cars drive there too, and then we have cars from both way, and it’s too narrow for them to pass each other…

Trafficjam - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

Hope you enjoyed reading about my first day in Bali. Also read the story from my flight over here when Qatar Airways made me feel like a king!

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