Restoration of my old BMW E30

by Screw Them All
Bmw E30 - Beyern Mesh Wheels - Screw Them All - Blog
Bmw E30 – Beyern Mesh Wheels – Screw Them All – Blog

I wrote about the cars of my life some time ago and some more background about my E30.

I bought the BMW E30 back in 2012 and at that time I had been without a car for 2-3 years. And I had finally got some extra cash so that I could by a car, well not an expensive car as my extra cash was not a huge pile that I could swim in, it was just barely enough to get a cheap car. Still I wanted to buy something with a soul and with BMW background with my E46 Clubsport that I bought as new in 2004 I decided to look for an old affordable BMW. After checking out a bunch of cars I finally found my E30, it was love at first sight so I bought the car.

I have gone through a lot with the car, it has been stolen and luckily found the same day, well a bit banged up but still it was in ok shape. And then around 4 years ago I was in an accident with it when another car hit me. The other drivers insurance was paying for the repairs and with a reasonable budget, but I could not find a good place to repair it, so at the end I let it sleep at my friends house with a dream that someday I will repair and restore it to it’s former glory.

Well after the car had been sleeping for 4 years I told Pro Hooldus in Tallinn who maintains my 6-series about my old E30 and the owner of the garage told me, bring it to me, I’ll fix it.

And now as we speak it’s getting fixed and I started it’s own blog,, check it out. It will have both repair and restoration updates and I will also write stories about things I have been through with the car, for example making a life lasting impression when I arrived like James Bond in my BMW E30.

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