People are stupid and it’s getting worse

by Screw Them All

What is the similarity with todays world and Mad Max, Bounty Killer and many other end of the world movie scenarios and probably one of the movies that makes the strongest point, the planet of the apes? Well both in the movies and in todays world we have the majority part of people who have become just plain stupid.

The world has seen a lot of changes in the last 100 years but still it feels like the last 10-15 years the change have accelerated and the effect on everything has been stronger than ever before. Change has always occured throughout time, sometimes changes are quick sometimes changes take hundres of even thousands or ten thousands of years. And the following are mainly my opinions on the facts found in differents articles and researches.

I think you can categorize change in two major things, the speed and the size of the change that is occuring and it feels like both of them have accelerated exponentially, for example look at communication, it not too long ago when telegraphs were sending messages and it almost feels like it was yesterday when we were still rotary dialing phones connected by landlines and today we are connected everywhere 24/7 with videocalls and events happening somewhere are instantly seen throughout the world.

So is development a good thing? Yes, it is, but there is a HUGE BUT. We are getting used to that everything happens instantly from the press of a button, well not even a button or not even a touchscreen but from a hand gesture that the device picks up all by itself. And why is this not good? Well it is good in the way that it helps our life and we can focus and use the time on more important things while a machine is helping or doing for us our everyday tasks. But why is this bad? While technology is getting smarter our own intelligense is degenerating at a speed of faster than in our worst nightmares.

An example, today when you drive somewhere you just type in, well you don’t even have to type it as you just say it and the voice recognition picks it up and plots a map and navigation for you and you just drive according to the directions you get and soon with all the self driving developement of cars you probably won’t even drive yourself anymore. Well again is this a bad thing? Not really, actually it would be very relaxing as it would be very similiar to having your own personal chauffeur that drives you around and you can relax while the ai chauffeur is driving you. Sounds good? YES! But what happens when something breaks? Well, when your ai chauffeur gets a malfunction and just stops and so does your car, ok, well you can always get in the drivers seat and drive yourself. BUT after getting used to having an ai chauffeur you have either forgot how to drive as you don’t drive anymore or you are young and you have never driven because you have grown up with an ai chauffeur. So now you have a problem, well you can alwas get out of the car and walk to your destination. You grab your phone or whatever device you will have on you in the future, put in the destination and it will give you directions how to get there. You start walking and bang, your device explodes, ok, it too breaks but exploding would just be so much cooler and more dramatic an emphasize our story. So your device explodes and you survive with minor injuries to your hand that will heal easily. Ok, so far you got stranded in the middle of nowhere when you ai chauffer broke down and you don’t know how to drive yourself anymore and started walking but your mobile device explodes and now you are really stranded, on foot, with no navigation. So what do you do? Well if you just had a map, but you don’t and even if you would you would not know how to read a map or how to use it because you have gotten used to that you get everything by just pressing a button or giving a voice command. So you are screwed or wait, but you can still navigate by the stars like they did in the old days when sailing the seas of the world. But if you don’t know how to drive or how to read or use a map, I would say it is highly probable that you will have no idea of how to navigate using the stars and you probably don’t even know that they used to use the stars for navigation. So you are screwed.

So is this what is going on in todays world, YES. Is it bad? Well depends how you look at it. If you like it when society is built up of people who don’t have any clue of anything other the pressing a button to get everything ready and chewed for them, by all means keep going and continue as you were. BUT if you like our society and our world to be a place where you have civilized people who are able to do things themselves even if they use automated processes to get things done but at the same time educate themselves then we have a major problem. If you look at the world, ask yourself, when did all people become so ignorant? Well I would say it happened when we stopped thinking for ourselves and started believing everything written on social media or in todays world believe everything the news are saying.

So do us all a favor, start thinking again instead of believing in everything you see on social media or even on the news. There are still some newsmedia channels out there that are relatively objective but a major part of the news are biased in a way or other and these strongly biased news are pouring in to your brain through every possible channel available from your mobile phone to your tv and everything in between.

Now, go watch Bounty Killer, Mad Max 1,2, 3 and Fury Road, Planet of the Apes, the original classic one and most importantly START THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

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