Learning a language that changes every day

by Screw Them All

In general, learning a new language is a difficult task for anyone, but what happens when we try to learn a language that changes every day, and how can we learn a language that is constantly changing? In short, adapt and adapt very quickly. Because if you fail to adapt, you will fail.

Now I am trying to learn this language that changes every day, even if in the end the principles of the language remain the same, there are little things that change every day, sometimes I manage to see changes in time, and I am able to adapt, in other cases the change surprises me and I go into survival mode and just try to survive for the day. But in survival mode it is really difficult to communicate because I couldn’t adapt to the changes. I will learn the changes, but not immediately, and I will have to face the storm.

So it is a constant concentration of trying to see the changes before they occure so that I’m able to adapt in time, most times I’m able to adapt which is good, but then there comes the time when the change happens without me seeing it in time to be able to adapt and at that point I just try to survive the storm and just ride it out. And riding a storm is not an easy task.

With most of the times adapting to the changes that occur in time and once a while facing a storm, I have been able to learn the basics of the language that changes every day. But still I am not nearly fluent in the language as I can barely communicate basic things in the language. I believe it will take my whole life to master the language and probably even then, I will still not be able to adapt to every change that comes, but have to face a storm once a while.

I believe we all can learn a language that is changing everyday, we just have to believe and listen to our heart. Because the langauge that changes every day is called love.

One thing is for sure, love is a truly mysterious language, but it is the most beautiful language of them all and I want to learn it, even if it takes my whole life, because I want to learn to love.

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