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Why do you judge others on social media?

Why do we judge people on their happy selfies and claim it’s all fake?
Why do we say it’s wrong to post a happy pick of yourself even if you are sad?
Why do we say it’s wrong to post a spirited and and full on energy pick even if you are tired?
Why is it wrong to look stylish in a pic even if you can’t afford buying those clohtes in real?
Why do we say it’s wrong to be happy about all the likes of a picture?
Why do we say it’s wrong to put the best out of us on social media?
Why are we so judgemental?

Now stop, take a deep breath, then try standing in the shoes of the person posting a picture.

What if she or he is struggling in life and with posting a happy pic of herself or himself make her or him motivated and gives energy to fight through rough times?

What if the pic they post is a dream of where they would want to be one day and it’s a reminder to themselves to pursue their dreams?

What if it’s someone who has been bullied all their life for no reason and they just even once want to feel good about themselves by posting a beautiful picture of themselves?

What if instead of saying everything is wrong we would just encourage each other?

Accept each other for who we are?

Stop finding negative things about posting a selfie and start being supportive and happy for each other?

Would it be so bad to give some happiness when others succeed?

Would it be that hard to be supportive instead of being judgemental?

What if we would just smile to one another?

What if the picture we judge as fake is as real as it can get for the person posting it?

Remember this, the picture you are making fun of or you are judgemental about might be a picture for someone to keep their dream alive through bad times.

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