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The Screw Them All hat supports good causes

The first product is about to arrive, it’s a hat. To me hats or baseball hats to be more specific have been a thing ever since I was little. The style of the hat I wear has changed through out the years, but one thing has stayed the same, I wear hats.

For me it just feels right to start out with a product that have been part of my life as far as I can remember and with the help of some pics I can remember this since I was a little kid. At that time I didn’t know that one day I will have a blog to inspire people and make a product which will help me build my blog into something more and that the first product would be a hat.

The hats I had when I was little were promo hats from finnish companies, will try to find a pic with me from when I was little, but the first real baseball hat that I had like forever and grew to be a part of me was a Toronto Blue Jays hat that I got at a childrens summer camp when I was eleven years old. I got the hat from a dude at the camp who was from London, Canada. If I can remember correctly I gave him a t-shirt and I got his hat. I had the hat from that summer all the way to the summer when I turned 17 when it was stolen from me in the streets of Helsinki and then I didn’t have a hat anymore, and for me that was a big thing.

Now many years later it just feels so good that the first product I make with Screw Them All is a baseball hat, and the logo that I use is the logo I drew for Alien Snowboards which was the beginning of a dream that now continues through Screw Them all. The color is light blue or turquoise. In the future I will make more colors but why I wanted to have this color for the first hat is because it reminds me of my trip to Indonesia and the ocean where I learned to surf and connect with the ocean and made dreams come true.

Even if it’s a product, it’s more then just a hat, it’s an inspiration to people and shows that it is possible to do great things when you believe in yourself.

And also, the more products are sold the more I can do good as I have decided to put part of sales from all the products to different good causes around the world.

Believe in yourself - Screw Them All logo hat - Flat snapback light blue
Believe in yourself - Screw Them All logo hat - Flat snapback light blue

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