ONLY make a plan A when you want to succeed in life

by Screw Them All
Do NOT make plan b’s when you want to succeed in life

When you have a plan, most people ask you what your plan b is if your plan fails. To these people I answer, I do NOT have a plan b. Which people react to by starting to preach how stupid it is not to have a plan b. To them I say, it is stupid to have a plan b, having a plan b is is a step towards failing.

It’s all about your mindset and when you have a plan B you are programming your mind to fail. This is not rocket science, it is just plain and simple, program your mind to win instead of having plan b’s.

How does this work? Well, it’s common knowledge that we become who or what our mind is set to believe we will become and our mind is programmed by how we speak.
For example, if you say that you are ugly when looking in the mirror you will eventually start believing that you are ugly even if it is not true, but in your mind it will become the truth.
But when you say to yourself, I am beautiful, when you look in the mirror you will one day see the beautiful you and believe that you are beautiful.

How can you change the way your mind set? First step comes from not having a plan B.

When you have a plan B you have set your mind to: if my plan A does not work I will still have plan B. If you do this you do not believe in your plan A and when you don’t believe in it you are likely to fail.

What you need to do first is to change the way you speak to speaking like a winner like you are going towards success by forgetting the word IF when you aiming for something.

For example you have a dream of going on a vacation when you have saved up enough money.
When you tell your friend about your dream say: WHEN I have saved enough money I will go on a vacation. Do not say: IF I can save enough money I will go on a vacation.

In the example, with the word if you are doubting that you will be able to save enough money, but when you use the word WHEN, you are setting your mind to believe that you will be able to save enough money.

Do I succeed in everything I go for because of my mind set? No I don’t I sometimes fail too, BUT with setting my mind up for success I have given myself a better chance to succeed because I BELIEVE that I will succeed.

I had a dream of learning to surf and I did learn to surf. Why? Because I believed in myself!

Screw Them All and BELIEVE in Yourself!

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