Movie night that made me look at life

by Screw Them All
Москва слезам не верит - Moscow does not believe in tears

I have seen so many movies that sometimes it feels like that I can’t even remember all the movies I have seen. I’m happy that I have seen a lot of amazing movies but the downside is that when I want to watch a movie I have a problem to find a movie to watch, that is good and that I have not seen.

And this is crazy as the world keeps pushing out more and more movies everyday, but in my opinion, major part of movies coming out now are total crap.

In the old days, well not old old, but let’s say 80’s and 90’s we had a lot of movies coming out and it feels like that only very few movies where made compared to today. And the percentage of good movies was a lot higher back then compared to today where it feels like that 90% of movies that come out are total crap. Of course we still get amazing movies made today but it seems that it is harder and harder to really find movies that touch you emotionally.

I have been thinking about writing about movies for a long time but I haven’t known where to start and with what movie to start or what about the movies I would start writing about as there are so many things I could write about.

A couple of days ago, one evening I again had the same problem, what movie to watch. It was really hard to find something as I wanted to watch a movie that would move me and touch me deeply.
So, how did I solve the problem? Well I wrote a message to someone special and asked, what is your favorite movie? And not just any movie but a Russian movie. Why a Russian movie? Well it is a long story but the short version, I wanted to watch a movie from this special person’s own language and culture.

I got a reply with a movie named, Москва слезам не верит, which is translated into Moscow does not believe in tears. So I found it with english subtitles, as I needed help from subtitles as my russian is not good yet.

I started to watch the movie and the further I got into the movie the more I got pulled into it. The movie just grabbed a hold of me and pulled me deeper and deeper into a world filled with difficulties in life, but at the same time still filled with a full scale of emotions with a strong dose of happiness and love. And the movie shows that love can survive even through the most difficult situations of life as long as you don’t give up and believe in love.

And the music, specially the song that plays at the end, Alexandra, Alexandra, a beautiful song with perfect lyrics that makes the last touch for the movie, making the movie from a great movie into an Oscar winning, beautiful movie about life and love.

Be brave and go outside your comfort zone and you might find beautiful things, just like I did, found something more beautiful than life itself.

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