Fight for your Dreams and Love Life

by Screw Them All

Once a while I get ideas and dreams, many of them crazy dreams. And when I say the dreams out loud and on top of that I dear to say, I’m gonna make my dream come true the response here in Finland that is more mainstream then an exeption, don’t be silly it won’t work, get a job, go to school, do something smart for a change etc.I feel like many people here have dreams but they are scared of saying them out loud because of the negative responses and discouraging they will get. And the ones who dare to say their dreams out loud probably won’t pursue them ‘cause they are not strong enough to fight the negative responses.Here is a great example of how amazing things happen when you believe in your dreams and pursue them, the Rockin’ 1000 performing Smells Like Teen Spirit with a 1000 rocker strong band on a stadium, breath taking.To all dreamers I say, you are not alone, be brave, speak out, no yell out your dreams and support others who yell out their dreams and together we can fight and yell Screw Them All to the ones who try to discourage us!

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