The little snowman that gave a smile

by Screw Them All

It snowed on January 2nd and I wanted to make someone special smile so first I drew a heart in the snow but thought that this is not enough, I need to do something special so I made a small snowman. The snowman was only 15 cm tall so I named him mini. Even if the he was small he accomplished his mission as he gave a smile to someone special.

Then I thought that I will make a friend for mini and made another snowman, and then some time passed and I made another one and another one and one more snowman. So now I had 5 snowmen without a home and of course they need a home so I built them a castle. My neighbours daughter asked me what I was doing and I told her that I’m building a castle for the snowmen. Then she asked if she could make a snow bear for the snowmen and I said, of course, that would be great.

So now I had 5 snowmen with a castle and a snowbear. Well I had to do something more, because when you want someone special to smile you want to make something beautiful for them so I got an idea, a super idea.

I started to make an ice slide from the castle, but I needed more snow, so I asked the janitor of our house for help as he has a tractor and he replied: how much snow do you need?

The next day he got me some more snow and I started to build the ice slide. I got it done and then I needed to make the ice, so the next days I was just watering the slide and waiting for it to freeze.

Now I had, 5 snowmen, 1 snowbear, a castle and an ice slide from the top of the castle. What else does it need? Well it needs something to make it beautiful, because I wanted it to be beautiful for that special one.

So I went to the store, bought some accessories and started to make the final touches on the castle and the ice slide. And when evening came, I lit it up and it was beautiful.

So why do I write this? Why do I want to share this? Well the answer is simple, do whatever it takes to make someone smile, because a smile the beginning of good and even one smile will make the world a better place.

Today when you read my story, think of person you want to see smile and then do something for that person to give them a smile, because when I see someone special smile, it makes my own heart smile.

Mini is small but his smile is powerful.

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