Making the world a better place

by Screw Them All

I believe in a win-win philosophy and I also like to spread the word of people, organisations and companies who I believe in. These people, organisations and companies have one thing in common, they are all doing good and making the world a better place to live in.

FIrst I want to tell about a dude that got tired of bullying so he decided to make a difference. He started a movement called Skeittaa älä kiusaa, which means Go skateboard, don’t bully. He has a facebook group for the movement. We need more people like Jesse to make the world a better place.
Check it out here: Skeittaa älä kiusaa (skate don’t bully)

Then a slighlty bigger project, The Ocean Cleanup project. This dude Boyan Slat started this project at the age of 18. It has since then in my opinion become the greatest cleanup project the world has ever seen. I love nature and the ocean and what this dude started is the main driver for cleaning up our loved oceans.
Check it out here: The Ocean Cleanup

Here are 2 projects that are making the world a better place, a small local one and the greatest ocean cleanup project that we have ever seen. But still both projects are important and they are both making the world a better place.

Even the smallest things matter, don’t throw trash on the ground, please recycle it and remember don’t bully other people, stay positive and support people instead of bullying them.

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