Have I become too well behaved?

by Screw Them All
Am I too well behaved?

Have I become too well behaved? Am I saying less than I used to? Or have I just gone to sleep? YES to all questions and now I have to wake myself up and a lot of people will get offended when I wake myself up because that means I will speak my mind and I will write as I feel. Do I really care if someone gets offended? No I do not. Because I know that people who are educating themselves with an open mind will understand. And with educating I do not only mean going to school, with it I mean inhaling information from all parts of the world and opening your mind to really get educated.

So why have I gotten so well behaved and in a way gone to sleep?

Two things have contributed to this change I feel like I have gone through, and this change is about to make a u-turn and go back to being what some might say, a problem child who speaks his mind and offends people.

The first reason is that I just get tired of fighting stupid people, yes stupid people, you can also use the words uneducated, uncivlised, dumb, ignorant, idiot, and the list goes on, and sometimes (often) I feel like I’m surrounded by these people who have become dumb and seems like whatever you say, however you say it, they will just not understand what your are saying and not even the point you are trying to make because they are so caught up in being uncivilised idiots who have one and only one perspective in life and it is very narrow and they just do not have the brain capacity to look outside their view that is getting narrower day by day.

The second reason that feeds these ignorant people which make these idiotic people feed other uncivlised ignorant people is social media. These dumbfucks feed on social media, but not the whole social media spectrum of content but only and only content that goes right into their view, which is getting narrower day by day and these dumbfucks digest all this information from their narrow views which they make into their believes which they feed to everyone in their social circle and all these people in their social circle including themselves feed this information from the view that is getting narrower day by day to their kids. The kids, well most of them believe everything that are feed to them just as their parents believe that their narrowing view is the only way of life, and when years pass we have many generations of dumbfucks who do not have the ability to think for themselves.

Some of you might be saying that there has not been social media for generations and generations, yes this is true, but there has always been an information feed that comes through channels that have developed through time from the paintings of the cavemen all the way to social media.

One would assume that there would be great progress in civilisations and that generations would always be smarter and more innovative and plain and simple more intelligent and wiser than previous generations. But sadly it seems that this is not the truth.

Somedays I feel like cavemen where more civilised, where smarter than poeople of today and where able to see the world as a whole and not only from their own view. They understood that they have to live in peace and harmony with the world and all it’s lifeforms to be able to prevail and develop so that future generations would still be here.

In todays world with all the possible channels of getting information globally and being able to read history from all parts of the world with many different point of views one would assume that we would actually be more civilised, be able to see the world as one, comprehend that we have to live in harmony with the world and everything in it to be able to survive and prevail to the future.

What we should do is just stop, take a timeout, breathe and start educating ourselves and connect, really connect with one another to be able se views of other people and from that construct a perspective of the world where we see and understand that the world is one and everything is connected and everything affects everything.

How can we change the direction towards a total destruction of intelligence and wisdom? By listening to one another instead of blaming one another, by educating ourselves with not just the safe and familiar books, but all books from all different views of the world so that we can truly see.

Most of the times I end my writing with saying Screw Them All, Believe in Yourself, but this time I’ll say, 

Time to wake up, do not, I cannot stress more, DO NOT become one of the uneducated, uncivilised ignorant dumbasses that wander todays world, Educate yourself with an open mind.

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