One of the best pizza in Helsinki

by Screw Them All

Here in between planning and training for my trip I have to eat too! And even if I eat healthy in the big picture I need pizza. And about the healthlines of a pizza, it might not be the most healthy food on the planet but a pizza made from high quality raw materials is not that unhealthy that some might think.
And then if we put the concrete side of healthy food on the side for a second, we come to what is healthy for you mind and soul. And for me this means that eating healthy also means eating things that make you happy, because being happy is huge part of the process of being healthy. So pizza, in my opionion is healthy. Please do tell your own opinion in the comments!

Then back to the eating part while planning and training for my trip and as you probably could figure out, pizza was on the menu for me today.

I called up a buddy of mine for lunch and he suggested a small pizza place, which is located nearby to downtown Helsinki. I picked him up and we drove to the place. We get there, park the car and walk up to the place, but the place was gone! We were like “how can a popular pizza place just dissapear?”… We checked online and found out that they had not dissapeared, they had just moved to a new bigger location!
So hopped back in the car, hurdled our way through traffic to the new location, parked the car again and almost ran from the car to the place.

I ordered pretty much the most basic pizza on the list, a cheese and tomato pizza. For me, a pizza expert, a status given to myself by myself, it’s easy to tell how good a pizza is when you just order the most basic pizza and it’s also easy to compare as most places have a basic cheese and tomato pizza.

After waiting for some minutes the waiter brought our pizzas to the table. My first reaction after my first bite I told my friend, wow, the tomatosauce, sooooo good! Another way for me to tell how good a pizza is that I most of the time leave the crust, but here I also ate the crust to the last crumb.The pizza was the best pizza I have had for a long time, and I have had many pizzas and from many different places, so to get straight to the top on my pizza list is not an easy task.

The place is called Linko and is located in Töölö, which is about 2-3 km away from downtown Helsinki. Go try out the place!

Linko - One of the pizzas in Helsinki - Screw Them All - Blog

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