Best burger in Stockholm, Sweden

by Screw Them All
This time I was searching for the best burger in Stockholm, Sweden as I have been searching for the best pizza and the best burger in the world for my whole life. So far I have had amazing pizzas and burgers all over the world. Today I got my mind blown away and it felt like destiny had something to do with it.
Searching for the best burger in Stockholm, Sweden - Screw Them All blog
While visiting Stockholm, Sweden, I planned to find the best burger in town. I searched the internet for reviews and opinions, found some and headed out.
I picked a place which is located about a 10 minute walk from downtown Stockholm. Just below freezing and the sun was shining, perfect weather for a stroll. But then destiny tagged along… the place was closed on sundays. Bummed out I headed back downtown and thought about other places, I remembered one, but for some reason I had not chosen it. But now when the place I chose was closed, destiny pointed me towards Barrels, Burgers and Beer.
Barrels, Burgers & Beer, Stockholm Sweden by Screw Them All
Found it, opened the door and walked in, and the waiter asked me if I would like to sit at the bar as all the tables were taken, I said that the bar sounds perfect.
Searching for the best burger in Stockholm, Sweden - Screw Them All blog
I got the menu and found an interesting burger, the Eiffel. I ordered the double version and some sweet potato fries for the side and instead of coke, the have a soda called Fritz Cola. I waited for the burger and my mind was getting some second thoughts about the burger, which included bearnaise sauce, which normally goes with a high quality stake.
Searching for the best burger in Stockholm, Sweden - Screw Them All blog
After a moment the waiter brought me my Eiffel burger and my sweet potato fries and some chili dip. I took a frie and dipped it in the chili dip and took a bite of the dipped frie, tasted amazing. I thought that maybe it was just the dip that made it so good so I tasted a frie without dipping it, mind blowing. I hardly ever use the word perfect, but the fries got close to perfection.
At the same time thoughts hit my mind if the burger will taste as good as the fries, will it be good enough or not?
Grabbed the burger, took a deep breath and took a bite of it… speachless and thoughtless… I could not get any clear thoughts, just words flying all over my brain and trying to get a clear thought to explain to my brain what I just experienced from the taste of the burger, just mesmerising, amazing, mind blowing, just huge words flying around. I felt like I wanted to cry of happiness.
I have eaten good burgers, great burgers, but this Eiffel burger at Barrels, Burgers and Beer in Stockholm went of that charts, their burger hit so close to pure perfection that I dear to say that any burger place anywhere in the world will have a near impossible task to make a better burger.
The burger is so good that it’s even worth travelling to Stockholm just to have it.
On top of the high quality food they have super-friendly staff who treat you like you are part of the family.
The crazy part is that the place I planned to visit was closed and that’s why I stumbled in to Barrels, did destiny play a part here?
Searching for the best burger in Stockholm, Sweden - Screw Them All blog

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