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The Avocado Factory in Canggu, best smoothie on Bali, Indonesia

Break dance and freestyle rap night at Konkrete in Canggu, Bali

Making the world a better place

My car’s coolness factor went of the charts!

When I started to look for some new wheels and tires for my car with Autotek we agreed that my car needed not only good looking wheels but it needed high technology light weight wheels and we ended up with the TSW Bathurst wheels that are rotary forged, which make them very light and even at a size of 20 inches they only weigh 11kg per wheel, which is very light for any size wheels.

After we had the wheels all figured out we needed some tires to go with them. What would fit nicely with the hightech wheels? Autotek suggested to go with the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tires, I agreed and we ordered the tires.
What is so great with the Vredestein Ultrac Vortis? Well, if you are familiar with legendary car designers, these tires are designed by Giugiaro. If you ask, who or what is Giugiaro? He is one of the great car designers of all time. He has designed cars like the original Lotus Esprit, the original BMW M1, the legendary DeLorean that was in all the Back to the Future movies, lots of Alfa Romeos, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB and many more legendary cars.


BMW M1 – Unknown photographer

Back to the Future Delorean

Back to the Future DeLorean – Photo by J Morton Photography

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta

Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta – Photo from MotorAuthority

Does this make the tires better then others, well, if you compare to other highend high speed rated tires the Vredestein Ultrac Vortis are very good. But you also have to take in consideration the coolness factor, and when you add the coolness factor they go off the charts!
Am I happy with the tires? Hell yeah, just imagine how cool it is to have tires designed by who designed the original Lotus Esprit, the legendary DeLorean and driving a BMW having tires which are designed by the designer of the original BMW M1 and on top of that give a lot of traction and give a great ride in any condition.

BMW 6-series coupe E63 - TSW Bathurst Wheels - Screw Them All - Blog

My ride with TSW Bathurst wheels – Photo by Jari Photography

BMW 645 - TSW Bathurst wheels from Autotek - Screw Them All blog

Closeup of my ride with TSW Bathurst wheels – Photo by Jari Photography

Photo gallery

I have been writing my blog for about a year and time to put together a photogallery of pictures from the first year of my blog. I will be adding more pictures to the gallery as I write new posts.

Leaping into my uncomfort zone

Most of my style or fashion pics are either selfies or portrait pics from around the waist or shoulders up.

Even if I take a lot of portrait shots and fashion shots of other people and models I have always found it difficult to pose in bodyshots myself, most of the shots I have with the whole me in them are just standing with basically no pose at all. And when something is difficult you just have to learn and try and if you fail just practice some more and try again. So I called my friend Mica who also is a photographer and asked him to come and help me out with some fashion shots.

The idea was to get a streetstyle fashion shoot with me in ghetto style alley or stairway. And that’s difficult for me as I always think my body and everything looks funny in pictures where you can se my whole body even if I take similiar shots of other people who look really good but in my mind it totally changes when I am put in front of the camera.

So I had a location in mind and we headed out. Well, next time we do it I have to make a video or vlog about from the set as it was pretty funny when 2 photographers who have their own views on how to light up a set or even just the angles of the shot try to agree how to take the shots. We disagreed and agreed on many things and just building up the lighting for the shoot took a while, but then we were both happy with the set and started shooting. Here’s a pic from the behind the scenes setting it all up, we had one flash as a front light and one from behind up the stairs towards the camera.

Setting up the photo shoot - Screw Them All - Blog

For this photo shoot my pose was just sitting down as I rather take baby steps and feel comfortable then try to leap all the way to the top and feel uncomfortable while posing. All together I am happy with the the shots with my cold or cooler weather style, a pair of jeans, converses, a t-shirt and a furcoat to keep me warm and stylish.

If you like fashion or clothes, just go get some cool shots of yourself in the styles you like. And you don’t have to get a professional photographer to get the photos, just ask your friend to help you out and you can just use your phone to get the shots as the cameras on phones are really good.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy life and do what makes you happy!

Mens fashion street style with furcoat photo shoot - Screw Them All - Blog