About Screw Them All

In a way I’m in the spotlight when I’m building Screw Them All, even if I don’t like being there and would rather stay away from the spotlight.

But, I remember a friend of mine saying to me, hey it’s good that you are writing your stuff, because some of us just don’t have the courage to do it ourselves and those words reminds me how important it is to build Screw Them All even if it means being in the spotlight. And also my adventure and pilgrimage to Indonesia gave me hope and It’s hard to find the words to describe all the warm and friendly people I meet.

So by building Screw Them All and by putting myself in the spotlight I am able to help all the people that gave me hope on my trip to believe and see that it’s possible to succeed. And show everyone all over the world that it’s important to keep the hope going because dreams can come true.

It’s funny that most of the times the people who I have inspired, who I have given hope to, who I have showed to that it’s possible to succeed and to who I have given a reason to believe in their dreams, I don’t even realize untill afterwards that all these people have actually inspired me and given me hope and given me a reason to believe in my dreams.

I want to say thank you to all people I meet in Indonesia, thank you to all people who have inspired me through my life and there is a lot of you out there. And with building Screw Them All big and making it succesfull is my way of saying thank you and giving back.

I will be bringing more stories and doing amazing things to Screw Them All and not only me doing amazing things, but I will be bringing stories of people who have inspired me because together we are stronger and by supporting each other we all succeed so believe in yourself and Screw Them All.

Helsinki sunset with the Screw Them All logo hat - Believe in yourself