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Whats next? – Vlog Episode 7

For episode 7 of my vlog I answer a question a lot of people have been asking, what’s next?

Catching my first wave – Vlog Episode 3

Day 3 or episode 3 of my daily videos is a clip about getting my first wave surfing. It happened the 9th time ever out with my board, and as some might have read it’s a 5’10 long board which is small and for a beginner very small. But I believed in myself and learned to surf with a small board, so it is possibly to start with a shortboard.
Everything on the video is shot on Bali and Wavepark Mentawai.

BMW 6series sound – Vlog Episode 2

Yesterday I started making daily videos for my youtube channel and today I made episode 2. The videos will have different content as I’m finding my own way of doing vlogs and videos.

Remember to subscribe my youtube channel to see all the videos! 🙂

Mumbo jumbo – Vlog Episode 1

I’m now doing 1 video every day. Here is the first episode of my daily videos and vlogs.

Somedays it’s just like your brain is empty, you have a lot of stories and you just can’t get them out or you can’t find the words and today is that kind of a day.
I have tons of stories but I just can’t get them out, just not finding the words.
So this might be mumbo jumbo rambling about nothing for todays video.
But I made a decision of testing to make a video every day, it doesn’t have to be long it might be just 15 seconds or even 10 seconds, but everyday I’m making somekind of a video.
It might be just fun and entertainment or it might be a vlog of me talking something or it can be anything, and we will see what happens.

There was a just cop that had pulled over someone with an unmarked car.

Now I’m on my way to lunch, gonna go test a restaurant, well in Lauttasaari I have eatne at the restaurant, had a pizza there, now going to Kivistö, their new place, because I felt like I needed some pasta and they are Italians who run the place, so it should be good, atleast the pizza was good.

Also with the videos, not only making them everyday, I wanna make them more movielike and not just someone talking in front of a camera as most vlogs on youtube seem to be that they just put a camera and sit in front of it and talk about something which is sometimes interesting but i wanna do it in a different way and at the same time with making a video everyday I’m seraching for my own thing, trying to find my own way of doing it.
Well anyways, now I’m gonna park the car, go eat and then go back home editing the video.

That was a nice experiene, the pasta was really good had a pasta carbonara and now I’m gonna go home an put everything together, and lets see what other things I make… mumbo jumbo… my words are just not coming out today, I guess this is enough for today.and time to go edit the video.

Photo gallery

I have been writing my blog for about a year and time to put together a photogallery of pictures from the first year of my blog. I will be adding more pictures to the gallery as I write new posts.

Leaping into my uncomfort zone

Most of my style or fashion pics are either selfies or portrait pics from around the waist or shoulders up.

Even if I take a lot of portrait shots and fashion shots of other people and models I have always found it difficult to pose in bodyshots myself, most of the shots I have with the whole me in them are just standing with basically no pose at all. And when something is difficult you just have to learn and try and if you fail just practice some more and try again. So I called my friend Mica who also is a photographer and asked him to come and help me out with some fashion shots.

The idea was to get a streetstyle fashion shoot with me in ghetto style alley or stairway. And that’s difficult for me as I always think my body and everything looks funny in pictures where you can se my whole body even if I take similiar shots of other people who look really good but in my mind it totally changes when I am put in front of the camera.

So I had a location in mind and we headed out. Well, next time we do it I have to make a video or vlog about from the set as it was pretty funny when 2 photographers who have their own views on how to light up a set or even just the angles of the shot try to agree how to take the shots. We disagreed and agreed on many things and just building up the lighting for the shoot took a while, but then we were both happy with the set and started shooting. Here’s a pic from the behind the scenes setting it all up, we had one flash as a front light and one from behind up the stairs towards the camera.

Setting up the photo shoot - Screw Them All - Blog

For this photo shoot my pose was just sitting down as I rather take baby steps and feel comfortable then try to leap all the way to the top and feel uncomfortable while posing. All together I am happy with the the shots with my cold or cooler weather style, a pair of jeans, converses, a t-shirt and a furcoat to keep me warm and stylish.

If you like fashion or clothes, just go get some cool shots of yourself in the styles you like. And you don’t have to get a professional photographer to get the photos, just ask your friend to help you out and you can just use your phone to get the shots as the cameras on phones are really good.

Just remember to have fun and enjoy life and do what makes you happy!

Mens fashion street style with furcoat photo shoot - Screw Them All - Blog

People seem to have issues with success and when someone stands out from the crowd

In Finland we have this thing that you are supposed to dress according to the time and season of the year and NOT to the actual weather. In the summertime it feels like there would be a law that you have to wear shorts and a t-shirt even if it’s fuckin’ freezing outside, which it is most of the summer in Finland… I’m sure you get the my point. Then we come to spring, which again you are supposed to put your winterclothing to storage and start wearing light springclothes that are way to light for the weather, which is cold. As for today it has been around 5 degrees celcius and I have been freezing my ass of so I’m breaking the rules of Finland and I’m still wearing my furcoat, which you are allowed to wear only during the coldest days of the winter when it get to -25 degrees celcius or below and even then it’s way too nice, expensive, flashy, stylish, colorful, powerful, happy, cool, trendy and too show off to wear a furcoat even if it keeps you warm from the cold and if you dear to wear it when it gets “warm” in the spring you become a 100% selfcentered showoff.
I have gotten comments like, isn’t it to warm to wear your furcoat… Well, I’m not going to freeze my ass of just because people have a problem with it and even if we have these unwritten rules in Finland, I’m going to wear my furcoat and stay warm. And if I feel like it I will wear it in the middle of the heat of the summer and it should not be a problem for anyone.

Successful man in furcoat - Screw Them All - Blog

The same comes up when you talk about cars in Finland. You are not supposed to buy a car other then for practial reasons, and even if you do buy a car for practical reasons it has to be the cheapest possible and it cannot be a luxury car.
In my own life when I bought my first new car with my own money that I had earned after I started my business. It had been 4 years since I started and I worked hard and I did not give up and I also had some luck with me. So I decided to buy a nice car as I have liked cars ever since I was little.
I bought a BMW, the blue one, which was expensive, but at that time I could easily afford it. What kind of feedback did I get? People thought I had become a materialistic self centered asshole and only thing that mattered to me was money and my status. Just because I bought a car, yes I was an asshole and bought a car, which is at the end a pile of metal with some tires under it. And because of this I became a materialistic self centered asshole.
Well not everyone thought that, some people saw me as the way I am even if I succeeded. My really good friends wife once a couple of years asked me if I knew what my friend, her husbands says about me. She said that even when I had millions (didn’t have millions in real, but compared to them it felt like millions to them) I was still me, I was the same dude and my success didn’t change me.
This is one of the greatest compliments I have received in my life. I won’t write the names of my friend and his wife because it’s not relevant, but I know they will read this and recognize themselves so I just want to say, thank you <3

Please comment if you feel like you have it in your country where you live too as I would love to hear about other places too! 🙂

Success in life - Screw Them All - Blog

My first day in Bali, Indonesia

I have now been in Bali for 24 hours and just love it. Before I get to my day, 1 thing made me very happy. Bali Bowls & Smoothies, The Avocado Factory and LaFabbrica use environment friendly straws to keep plastic out of our beautiful nature that we need to take care of.

Environment friendly non plastic straw at LaFabbrica in Canggu, Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

I had planned to just relax and do nothing for a couple of days, but I was already out and searching for a breakfast smoothie place at 7 in the morning. So my day started with driving to the beach about 5 minutes away from where I stay, just to dip my feet in the ocean before breakfast. While driving down to the beach I spotted a really nice looking smoothie place, Bali Bowls & Smoothies, I decided to stop there on my way back.

At the beach for the first time.

Canggu Beach - Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

After dipping my feet in the ocean I headed to the smoothie place. Even if I had a good night sleep, I was still tired and my head still empty and trying to get used to the fact that I’m in Bali away from the cold winter in Finland. So I didn’t have any expectations, just decided to test out the place with an open mind. Oh boy, was that a good decision! I ordered the Pink Smoothie. Waited a couple of minutes and then they brought it to me, took a sip and wow, just amazing, so refreshing and healty. It’s funny how sometimes you just get a vibe of a place by just passing by and just have to go try it out. So happy that I found Bali Bowls & Smoothies and it will be one of the places where I will go many times while staying in Bali.

Bali Bowls and Smoothies - Canggu - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
Bali Bowls and Smoothies - Canggu - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

After the smoothie I headed back to the place where I’m staying to rest for a while. And the place, well my expectations where high and was kinda nervous about if it would be as good as it seemed to be from the pics. Well, just one word,YES, and even better then what I thought it would be. My room itself and the bathroom are just wonderfull and I’m so happy to be able to call it my home for a month. And the yard with the pool, well, is there anything you can say when you step out of your room and take 2 steps and your at the pool?

Well then off to exlpore, so quickly looked at a map and just headed out with the only plan to just drive around and familiarize myself with Canggu and the surrounding areas. Took off and drove all the way to a beach called Double Six Beach in Seminyak. Just had some coconut water to drink, not yet a fresh coconut, but just a quick coconut water from a small mimimart. While drinking I started to get hungry and started to wonder where I would have some lunch. I remebered there was a pizza place called Pizza House around where I live, so I decided to head back from Semniyak. Yes a pizza place, I will get local food, but for the first day I was just going to get a pizza and I will start to exlpore the local food places soon!

Coconut Water - Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

A mural I found in Canggu, I just had to stop and take a picture of it, love it and I also found a skate park KNKRT, I will dedicate one blog post to it later!

Mural Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
KNKRT Skatepark - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
KNKRT Skatepark - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

Well, y’all know how it goes, when you decide on something, the plan might change… WILL change when you are out exlporing.

While I had my morning smoothie, a guy and 2 girls suprisingly from Finland, sat at the next table from me. Talked with them and they recommended another pizza place called LaFabricca. So when driving back I saw the place they recommended and stopped to test it out and decided to leave Pizza House for another time. Walked in and got a chair and the menu. Looked at the menu, but no pizzas only smoothies and bowls! I asked the waitress, do you have pizza? She said, sorry, no pizza. At the same time I realized that the pizza place was next door, basically to places under the same roof. Oh well, I’ll get a something here as I was allready sitting at a table. Asked for coke, but no coke, which is a good thing if you think at the point that we are in a healty food place. So they recommended a fresh coconut while deciding what to order. I got the coconut, sooooo good and refreshing and ordered a smoothie too. The smoothie, again, so tasty. Now I had only been here for half a day and had found 2 great smoothie places. This one is called The Avocado Factory.

The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
The Avocado Factory - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

After a my refreshing coconut and smoothie I headed down to Echo Beach which was close by. Parked my motorbike as they call ‘em here (scooters), and walked down to the beach. Looked around and just as I was about to head back to my motorbike I saw something, stairs up from the beach which ended in a beach club looking place. And here’s when my plan changed again, I decided to skip the pizza and go there later and just get lunch here. The place is called LaBrisa Bali. Nice atmosphere and the grilled chicken I had tasted good.

LaBrisa Beach Club - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All
LaBrisa Beach Club - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

Ok, time to get some surfing, or getting familiar with my board, so got back to my place, threw the board in the pool to do some paddling and just feel the board in the water. Well, what can I say, an amazing board, but it WILL be challenging to get going as a beginner with a short board, but still so happy of my board that Pinguino Surfboards custom made for me, thank you guys!

After messing around in the pool and doing some flips into the pool, I needed some rest.

Well, think my day ended here? Think again, it was only about 2 pm so I would still need some dinner.

After resting for a while I decided to go get the pizza, the place under the same roof with the smoothie place. Drove there and ordered a pizza. This is were it’s gets funny. Just as I received my pizza, some lady in another table complained to the waitress, I could not hear what she was saying, but I could tell she was not happy. After that she came over to me, and said mumbled something, I said “excuse me?” Her accen’t sounded like she was Australian, she started to complaing to me that it’s a rip off. I was like, these prices seem to be very reasanoble to me. Then she started to complain about the pizza itself, which I replied to that to me this pizza is really tasty. Shen then asked me where I come from, I said that I’m from Finland. She then said, for you this is probalby good as any pizza would be to you as you probably have no pizza in Finland and then she left.
Now look here lady, if you are reading this, we do have pizzas in Finland and lady and this pizza from LaFabbrica is really tasty just as a pizza is supposed to be. Thank you LaFabbrica for a good pizza, not everyone seems to know what a pizza is supposed to be! I will be back for more pizza!

Pizza LaFabbrica - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

I also got to experience a small traffic jam on my way back, a small road where cars are not supposed to drive as it’s so narrow, well ofcourse cars drive there too, and then we have cars from both way, and it’s too narrow for them to pass each other…

Trafficjam - Canggu Bali - Travel Blog - Screw Them All

Hope you enjoyed reading about my first day in Bali. Also read the story from my flight over here when Qatar Airways made me feel like a king!

What is the meaning of life?

Today I had lunch at a great burger place in Helsinki, Naughty BRGR, and talked with the waitress about my trip. I told her that she can follow it here on my blog. She then told me that she would love to follow my blog as it gives her a view of my life and my trip which helpes her to keep smiling whilie she is working TWO jobs to get by. She got my total respect and this kind of feedback inspires me to keep on going with my blog. Thank you for the feedback and a delicious burger! 🙂

I planned to write about my day, but her feedback inspired to write some thoughts about life itself, so here goes:

My trip is closing in on me like a storm, but instead of hiding from the storm I pull out my surfboard and ride the storm while it covers ground fast as lightning. The feeling of beeing able to ride the lightning is like freeing your mind and soul, I can feel the wind in my face while the storm carries me towards my dream.

There is always a way to see good in even a scary situation, most will just hide or run when a storm is coming, my idea is to stand in front of the storm, confront it and ride it out, this way you might end up living and finding the meaning of life.

What is life and what is the meaning of life? That’s the eternal question of mankind, we all ponder what is the true meaning of life? Does there have to be a true meaning of life? What about if we just take it back to basics and just feel the moment, really feel the sun on our skin, feel the wind in our face, really inhale the smell of the moment?
In my opionion we are not really living before we are able to to that and really feel everything to the last cell of our body.

How can we achieve this? The first thing to do is to be in the moment you are in at any given time, not rushing towards the future not worrying about the past, but just inhaling the moment with everything it has to offer, from feeling the ground under your feet to seeing the world around you.

This also applies while being with your friends, kids, pets. Put your cellphones away, stop doing something else, concentrate on being in the moment, really be there when your see your friends or play with your kids! Really be in the moment when your are throwing the ball to your dog.

I’m happy that you are reading my thoughts and my blog, but please, don’t let it take time away from your loved ones.

Just breathe and love life.

Baxtaff Ace of Base the Amstaff and meaning of life - Screw Them All - Blog

Bali surfing trip checklist update

My checklist for my surfing trip and pilgrimage to Bali is starting to look very good!

1. I’m so happy that the place were my dog Ace is staying while I’m on my trip is like a second home for him, he can be a rascal and run around at the house while the family take care of him and gives him lots of love.

2. The location in Bali is an AirBnB place which I found, lovely couple who even have 2 dogs which will help me a lot when I’m away from my own dog. The place is called Luxry River Room #2 Canggu. I will do a more in depth introduction of the place when I get there.

The second place, the mystery island, I’ll still keep it a secret but what I can say it is in Indonesia and it’s west from Bali. The island is small, about 2 km in diameter and has lots of surf breaks close by. The island is a part of some bigger islands but this particlar island is like having your private island in paradise, no crowded tourist beaches, no hassle, just relaxation, waves, surfing, good food and sun. Just as the place in Bali, I’ll will make tour of the island when I get there. For now here are 2 more shots from the island.

Wavepark Mentawai Islands - Surfing beach - Screw Them All - Blog

3. Got the plane tickets ready and now I just have to wait for my departure day!

4. I have been getting back in shape and starting to feel good. A little bit tired as my body have gotten some tough workouts, so for this last week I will just play around and balance with my Indo Board and do one or two easier workouts at the gym and just REST!

5. I still need to get some kind of a selfie-stick for recording my videos and some floatation thingies for my GoPro so that I won’t have to dive it from the bottom of the ocean, as I have once done when the handle broke while doing a flip into the ocean from a pier a couple of years ago. And tomorrow I’m fixin’ to go get the bag for my surfboard.

6. My surfboard, The surfboard, which the Pinguino Surfboard dudes custom made for me is on it’s way to me. I can’t wait as the board will have a graphic on it which basically tells the story of the hell I went throught and survived, drawn by a good friend of my who is crazy talented. I will give you some sneak peeks of the board when I get it, but you will have to wait for the reveal, which I will do the 21st January from Bali.

Now just need to get some rest and some quality time with my buddy Ace who is helping me write this post as you can see :


Ace the amstaff helping me write my blog - Screw Them All
 The checklist:
  1. Get a good place for my dog to stay while I’m a way – check
  2. Get a good location and place to stay for my adventure – check
  3. Get airplane tickets – check
  4. Get physically ready for some waves – check
  5. Get all the gear ready – work in progress
  6. Get my own surfboard – check (waiting for delivery)

Also check out my video about starting surfing with a shortboard:

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