Qatar Airways experience

Here is the first part of my surf adventure to Indonesia, starting with the experience of flying with Qatar Airways. I waited to start writing about my adventure untill I got home, because I wanted to enjoy my trip and not spend time on my computer over there.

It all starts 14.1 in the evening.

Now on the plane on my way to Doha in Qatar from where I will continue to Bali. I have not flown with Qatar Airways before, but the experience seems to be a lot better than average.

And the great and friendly started even before getting on the plane. I was walking in the Helsinki international terminal to the check-in and saw crowd of people in front of the counters, first I was “this is going to take forever”, but it wasn’t the Qatar Airways counters, it was some other airline, and just bye it there were a couple of almost empty counters, not business or first class, but the economy class check-in counters for Qatar Airways. So they made me feel like a king even before getting on the airplane! Thank you!

Qatar Airways check in at Helsinki HEL airport - Blog - Screw Them All

Before boarding I talked with the pilots, so profesional and also so nice and friendly. We chatted about Bali and started to exchange good Beach Club spots in Bali with the other pilot who was a woman.
I also talked with a very inspiring older woman on here way to Nepal to do some work to help local people. A very nice lady, and just before getting on the plane she said, thank you for the chat, you just inspired me.
This is one big reason why I have my blog, to be able to inspire people, but also, people inspire me, so I think it’s a win-win deal with people inspiring me and I am able to inspire them at the same time.

Then getting on the plane to my seat I talked with the flight stuardess about my blog and instantly got a fan for my blog.

Qatar Airways selfie before takeoff at Helsinki HEL airport - Blog - Screw Them All

After take-off, they started to hand out a paper for people on the plane, I was wondering what it is. Didn’t have to wonder for long as I got the paper myself too, it was a very nice looking menu for food. A menu, with beverages and food in the economy class? whaat? Yes, a menu, I couldn’t believe it as I have flown a lot in my life, so getting a real menu in the economy class is extraordinary.

Now a dinner break, which I will write more about soon.

Qatar Airways menu Helsinki to DOHA - Blog - Screw Them All
Qatar Airways dinner Helsinki to DOHA - Blog - Screw Them All

Dinner break turned into a 24 hour break as I put my laptop away and just enjoyed the flight and trip to Bali

Had so much stuff to do and adventuring here in Bali so I never finnished the story of getting here to Bali with Qatar Airways. So here goes, the end part of it and back to eating on the plane.

So I picked the chicken from the menu which was tasty in itself, but some small details I want to point out. First of all, the cabincrew treated me like I was in a restaurant and so polite, so sweet and respectful. Then instead of the plain old plastic knife and fork to eat with, the knife, fork and spoon were metal, felt like luxury silverware compared to regular plastic ones usually on flights. And on top of it all they had a small Qatar Airways logo ingraved on them. So all together, tasty food and an amazing service.

After sleeping for a while we started to close in to Doha, Qatar, where I had a quick stop of about an hour before getting onto my next flight. Ofcourse we had to take a group pic with the cabincrew of Qatar Airways flight QR308.

Also getting into Doha we had a thick fog but no clouds so it looked like the we were flying into the cloud city from the old Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi.

Qatar Airways cloud city - Helsinki to Doha - Blog - Travel - Screw Them All

Finding my way around Doha airport in Qatar was easy. Good and easily readable signs, so a really good airport to have a short stop.

Qatar Airways QR308 Helsinki to Doha - Travel - Blog - Screw Them All
Qatar Airways - Doha - Travel - Blog - Screw Them All
Qatar Airways QR308 - Cabin crew - Helsinki to Doha - Travel - Blog - Screw Them All

And on to the next flight, again I had a window seat and I was lucky to have an empty seat by me so got some sleep. And again, the flight crew of Qatar Airways flight QR960 were so friendly, helpful and respectful towards me. The second flight was a little longer and I got some good sleep. Again just had to get group pics with the flight QR960 crew, this time we had a bigger crew as the plane was bigger too.

Qatar Airways QR960 - Sleep - Doha to Denpasar Bali - Travel - Blog - Screw Them All
Qatar Airways QR960 - Cabin Crew - Doha to Denpasar Bali - Travel - Blog - Screw Them All
Qatar Airways QR960 - Cabin Crew - Doha to Denpasar Bali - Travel - Blog - Screw Them All

Qatar Airways, please pass on a thank you to the cabin crew of the flights:
QR308 (Jan. 14-15) and QR360 (Jan. 15) from me

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